Regular Sand

PURPOSES: Regular Sand is used for coarser materials and applications.

Mason Sand

PURPOSES: Mason Sand is a very fine sand with stones no larger than 1/8”. Mason sand has many uses but its primary one is as the name suggests. Mixing cement with mason sand provides the product needed for most masonry work especially the final capping layer where the cement needs to be smooth. Mason sand may also be used to fill sand boxes and provide a soft natural base for an above ground pool project. Mason sand has also been used for horse shoe pits and certain equestrian applications.

Straw Bales

PURPOSES: Straw bales can add to the landscape of your yard without having to actually dig or harm the ground. Growing gardens in straw bales provides many luxuries such as not having to bend over to pick produce, adding color and life to a pathway and allowing you to grow a garden on your porch if you do not have much of a yard.