PURPOSES: Wood chips are used as both a decorative touch and a mulching compound in many outdoor gardens in addition to accenting paths and holding moisture and preventing weeds. These wood chips, which are often made from pine bark and cedar, can be placed around shrubs, flowers and trees in order to reduce weeds and protect fragile root systems.

…did we say FREE? Yes! At our Needmore location!

Cost: FREE if in area may take several weeks to months to deliver in your area.

Pick up Free not so clean wood chips if you load yourself. If we load there will be a loading fee.

Pick up Clean woodchips

Wood chips are also an excellent resource for muddy areas or areas that tend to flood a bit due to heavy rains. Wood chips can also be used under swing sets.

They can be used in most animal pins due to the fact that they have not been treated with any type of harmful chemicals and are all natural.

Woodchips are offered to our customers in a few different ways:

  1. If we are working in your area and we have them on our truck, you may have them brought to your house for no charge, however keep in mind that when we bring them out this way there are usually 15-20 yards of chips per truck load.
  2. We will need an area around 20ft in height (clear of wires & trees) in order to lift our bed on the truck to dump.
  3. We have them in stock at our office on Need more at all times, and are available to be picked up at any time during normal business hours for no fee.
  4. We also offer our bobcat to load at our office for a very minimal fee.
  5. Wood chips can also be delivered by special order for smaller loads first thing in the mornings. (There will be a minimal delivery fee to do this)

Please call our office today for more information, more uses and to be enrolled in our “Wood chip Dump Database.”

Firewood rack

8 by 4 hold a half cord

Camp Wood

PURPOSES: Bonfires!!! Camping!! Fireplaces!!!
… need we say more?